REPORT: Border Patrol agents discover semi-trailer filled with illegal aliens [PHOTO]

What about minutemen making citizen arrests on our southern boarder?. Border Patrol Agents have been ordered to report the minutemen and their location when they are seen. Chief Aguilar does not want to piss off his boss in the big white house.. Should more citizens make citizens arrest on.

The Immigration Project Sunday, April 29, 2012.. While in the custody of border patrol agents, he was kicked in the ankle more than once, and when he asked to report the incident, he was taken to the border by vehicle, with his assailant in the car with him.. I only wish more people would.

The Border Patrol is charged with stopping migrants from illegally crossing over. a couple of weeks ago and was discovered almost immediately by an agent. with three undocumented immigrants in her silver Mercedes, told officers she. A tractor-trailer filled with unauthorized immigrants from Mexico,

Border Patrol agents found 18 suspected border crossers hidden in a refrigerated. The suspected illegal border crossers found in the trailer were. Check out the photos of some recent smuggling fails.. Officers discovered the drugs which were valued at $86,000.. The truck was also reported stolen.

2019-06-20 TEXAS – Border Patrol Agents Find 110 Illegal Immigrants At Ranch Area Near Freer 2019-06-20 TEXAS – Surge Of Haitians Arrested At southern border 2019-06-20 california – Border Patrol Agents Find heroin meth hidden Inside Vehicles Tires

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"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized U.S. Customs and border protection monday following a report that over 9,000 current and former Border Patrol agents are part of a secret Facebook group where some group members made fun of migrant deaths and created lewd edited images of the New York Democrat.

TUCSON, Ariz. – Nogales Border Patrol agents arrested an Arizona man driving a semi-tractor and trailer after he attempted to smuggle three illegal aliens through the Interstate 19 immigration checkpoint Thursday night. A man is discovered among produce after a failed smuggling attempt at the.

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Catapults and ultralight aircraft have also been used to move drugs across the border fence. In February, Border Patrol agents found a catapult that. hopes will more effectively keep would-be.